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Workplace Safety Improvement Through Employee Engagement

The course aims to maintain long-term safety within the company. The course program focuses on the importance of each individual as a strength to increase safety at work. Workers who do not observe safety procedures are often those individuals who feel excluded or whose work is little appreciated within the company.

The course includes the active involvement of employees, as tools to increase the safety. Through an employee engagement survey it is possible to analyze and measures several factors that contribute to employee performance. The method allows employees to express their opinions, concerns and ideas without fear.

Objectives and expected results

The aim of the course is to create the awareness that everyone in the workplace is important and fundamental. The course includes specific techniques and procedures on how to train managers, division heads or departments to communicate effectively, develop skills in identifying risks, violations and breaches in the safety system. Communication is one of the most important topics of the course and combined with a sense of perseverance allows each individual or a team to raise safety in its own working environment. Another important concept that is studied in depth is the workplace safety climate. It is seen as a key component of an organization’s safety culture. Candidates who take part in the course are instructed on how to carry out the documentation needed to measure workers’ safety perceptions at various levels of the company. Perceptions are made by workers who identify incoherence in safety policies and practices.


Entry criteria


  • Diploma or greater.
  • HSE Adviser/Coordinator, RSPP, ASPP, RLS.
  • Recommended mother tongue Italian or English language ability equal to a level C or greater.



  • Workplace Safety Climate Survey
  • Questionnaire design
  • Workplace Safety Inspection and Audit
  • Workers’ safety perceptions
  • Workers’ psychological and physical health
  • Workplace violence, bullying and harassment
  • Identifying the hazards on workplace
  • Assessing and Controlling the risks
  • Innovative and successful policy initiatives and practices
  • Understand the role of motivation in determining employee performance
  • Factors affecting worker safety behavior
  • Assessing hazards and risks
  • Crisis Management and Communications
  • Occupational hygiene and health
  • Inspection of premises and sites



24 hours

Recognition and validity of course

This course is valid for RSPP and ASPP, RLS, Coordinator, Manager update, integration of the knowledge and skills of HSE Professionals.

Examination Test

Upon completion of the Workplace Safety Improvement Through Employee Engagement course a half day exam is scheduled. During the exam an internal and external commission could be organized.


All candidates who complete this course will be awarded the: Workplace Safety Improvement Through Employee Engagement A.N.CO.R.S. Certificate.