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Risk and Emergency Management

The course is designed to update, integrate and complete information and knowledge of health and safety managers and coordinators, officers, analyst and allow them to prepare and manage emergencies and disasters.

One of the main competences, for a person in charge of emergency management in the health and safety field, is to be able to communicate effectively with other units or divisions leaders.

An emergency can be anything, injury to employees, damage to the environment or structure. Emergencies come in many shapes and sizes, including toxic substance spills, fires, natural disasters, terrorism, and any other event that could injure people, damage the environment or facilities.

Through this course it is possible to increase confidence and ability to handle a real emergency situation on behalf of your company, this means interacting with various divisions, compartments and government organizations. Regardless of their function and motivation, it is necessary to know how to collaborate effectively with them.


Objectives and expected results

The aim of this course is to learn how to identify threats, prepare and plan a response effectively. The course provides a wide range of knowledge related to risk, emergency and how to manage disasters within organizations and companies.

The training enables professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in the development of disaster risk management strategies by developing management plans and risk assessment adapted to their geographical, socio-economic and cultural contexts.

Entry criteria


  • Diploma or greater.
  • HSE Adviser/Coordinator, RSPP, ASPP, RLS, HSSE Manager and Analyst
  • Recommended mother tongue Italian or English language ability equal to a level C or greater.



  • Risk Management Process
  • Main Types of Risk Management
  • Understanding and Managing Risk
  • Incident/Accident and Near Miss Management
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Emergency Plans and Response Procedures
  • Emergency Control Organisation
  • Disaster and Emergency Planning
  • Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Mitigation
  • Homeland Security Strategies
  • National and International Response Plane
  • Natural and Technological Hazards
  • Hazard Vulnerability Analysis and Assessment
  • Major Accidents and Psychological Intervention
  •  Health and Safety Management
  • Organisational Contingency Planning
  • Communication Management Plan
  • Emergency Managers and Responders
  • Plans and Relevant Legislation
  • Planning and Warning Processes
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Testing and Revising the Plan
  • Facilities Resilience and Disaster Management



50 hours

Recognition and validity of course

This course is valid for RSPP and ASPP, RLS, Coordinator, Manager, Analyst update, integration of the knowledge and skills.

Examination Test

Upon completion of the Risk and Emergency Management course a half day exam is scheduled. During the exam an internal and external commission could be organized.


All candidates who complete this course will be awarded the: Risk and Emergency Management A.N.CO.R.S. Certificate.