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Safety Accident Management and Investigation

This course will provide investigators with technical knowledge to carry out detailed investigations on accidents / incidents and near misses, by means of considerations, case studies, video examples and working group exercises, 3D simulation and Real-World Training Program. The investigation must be performed by trained and competent personnel who are able to analyze the situations and conditions with a flexible mind and understand what behaviors have caused the accident. The course is designed to give the right tools to the investigators in order to learn from the accident and prevent a similar event. This is a practical training course. The exercises in the classroom and practical exercises in the field, will help the participants to recognize the preconceptions, which influence the results of an investigation. Accident investigation is a specialized task that should only be undertaken by qualified professionals. It is therefore of the utmost importance that people are properly instructed to perform this difficult task. The course provides general information, such as guidelines and procedures, to prepare the candidate to undertake the investigation process and a targeted preparation for specific sectors. For this reason the ideal candidate comes from a technical or professional school (mechanical or electrical / electronic and civil engineering) or those who can demonstrate a matured experience in these areas.

Despite all the efforts and precautions, accidents and incidents occasionally occur and when they happen, it can be stressful. These unplanned or unwanted events cause negative effects on work activities and can be the cause of accidents at work, occupational diseases, damage to structures and environmental hazards.

The course also includes the Multi Teacher Class Room Educational System (MTCRES) – it is a didactic system that involves more trainers / instructors during theoretical or practical activities, its objective is to promote learning, the application of principles and procedures, increase the attention threshold and the interaction with colleagues and teachers.

Objectives and expected results

This training course is for safety professional who wish to work in the investigations field at an international level for critical infrastructures. The candidate will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subjects related to the investigative techniques and processes applied in various countries. In addition, he / she will be able to develop accident response systems, tired accident investigation method, causal failure structure and much more. The course aims to develop confidence and professionalism in investigating, interviewing and reporting, establish the cause rather than the guilt, prevent future accidents.

Worksite Activities

During the course the training centre will carry out one or more days on the worksite, allowing candidates to apply the information received during the theoretical sessions.

Entry criteria


  • recommended mother tongue Italian or English language ability equal to a level C or greater;
  • successful completion of an ASPP / RSPP or Safety Adviser training course of the foreign countries.

Not mandatory but Recommended:

  • Diploma or Degree in mechanical or electrical/civil engineering or,
  • alternatively, at least two years of experience in these areas.


  • Learn how to investigate difficult accidents / incidents and identify root causes;
  • How to carry out an investigation, techniques and procedures;
  • Investigative tools, human error or human failure and accidents terminology;
  • Work environment;
  • Skills for realizing an investigation plan;
  • Marine accident investigation;
  • Onshore incidents/accidents investigation,
  • Risk Management/Assessment and Hazard Assessment;
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis (QRA);
  • Major Hazards;
  • Learn to identify the event sequences and all factors causes;
  • Causes factors leading to an accident, collect the required information, clue and realize an investigation report;
  • Civil and industrial engineering sectors.



6 days (50 hours)

Recognition and validity of course

This course is valid for RSPP and ASPP update and for safety professionals of the association’s foreign offices.

Examination Test

Upon completion of the Safety Accident Management and Investigation course a final day exam is scheduled, delegates will be evaluated on the subjects covered, by the use of multiple choice questions and practical scenario exam. During the exam an internal and external commission could be organized.


All candidates who complete this course will be awarded the: Safety Accident Management and Investigation A.N.CO.R.S. Certificate. After this course, participants will be able to perform safety and security investigations for critical infrastructures.