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ANCORS International

The abbreviation A.N.CO.R.S. stands for the Associazione Nazionale Consulenti e Responsabili Sicurezza sul Lavoro. It is a national association with branches in other countries, with its headquarters in Italy.

The certificates issued by the Association through the trainers and training facilities associated with A.N.CO.R.S. are recognized in Italy by decrees regulating occupational safety and health. A.N.CO.R.S. Association intends to promote courses based on the principle of Integrated Safety and Security through training facilities and associated professionals in Italy and internationally at OSH sector.

The training includes advanced and specific courses to update, expand and integrate the knowledge, skills and abilities of individual professionals, engaged daily in the safety at work sector.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team that operates in various sectors in Italy and abroad, the Association is able to develop training programs in accordance with international regulations and guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health.

Along with the common certification levels, A.N.CO.R.S. Association offers a series of specific training courses for professionals who work internationally to complete their knowledge.

A.N.CO.R.S. headquarters through its technical and scientific committees is well informed and regularly informs its members. The objective of the Association is to promote these specific courses without coming into conflict and in competition with other national or international organizations, but to contribute to the development of OSH internationally.

A.N.CO.R.S. Association prompted its facilities and professionals nationally and internationally to create synergies to develop common and standardized projects. A.N.CO.R.S. objective is to develop courses with mutual recognition in order to allow all professionals to speak only one language in the safety field.

Professionals can choose five advanced updating and integration courses, related specific topics, dealing with procedures and techniques, critical infrastructures, cultural factors and the economy. These are just some of the topics included in the training programs.

All training facilities affiliated to A.N.CO.R.S. Association in Italy and abroad through the A.N.CO.R.S. branches, are authorized to organize these courses.

These courses have been designed to allow Italian companies to employ their professionals in international contexts. Subsequently adapted and addressed to all professionals from other countries who work in various sectors at international level to expand and update their skills and knowledge. In Italy as in other countries internationally, companies must employ safety officers and managers to comply with the law. The ASPP and RSPP are the professionals of the OSH sector in Italy.






Who are the RSPP and ASPP professionals ?

ASPP/RSPP – Italian Safety Adviser and Manager

The RSPP professional is responsible for the prevention and protection service (defined by Article 32 of Legislative Decree 81/2008). RSPP is the person, who has the skills and professional requisites, designated by the employer, to coordinate the prevention service and protection risk. The RSPP collaborates with the employer, the competent doctor and the workers safety representative in the Risk Assessment Document development. The RSPPs may be internal to the company or external (consultants). The RSPP and ASPP professionals are mandatory in Italy, for all companies that have at least one employee. 

The ASPP (Prevention and Protection Service Officer) is coordinated by the RSPP. The task of the ASPP is to prevent and protect workers from occupational hazards.

The State Regions Agreement of 7/7/16 gives precise indications how to structure training courses to become RSPP and ASPP.

The Agreement includes a path composed of several “modules”, called: Module A, B, C.

  • MODULE A: basic course of 28 hours.
  • MODULE B: 48 hours course.
  • MODULE C: 24-hour specialization course for RSPP.


Candidates wishing to obtain the ASPP Certificate participate to first two modules (A,B). While the candidates who want to obtain the RSPP Certificate, participate to the A, B, C Modules.


Module B includes specialization courses (SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4), in which the safety topics can be explored with reference to particular sectors. These specialization courses can be attended by both RSPP and ASPP.

  • SP1 – 12 hours, Agriculture, Forestry and fishing.
  • SP2 – 16 hours, Mining from quarries and mines and Construction
  • SP3 – 12 hours, Health Care and Social Assistance
  • SP4 – 16 hours, Manufacturing activities


Both RSPP and ASPP are required to take a course or a series of refresher courses in the 5 years of activity. The RSPP needs 40 hours. The ASPP needs 20 hours. However it is possible to increase the hours of updating by participating in other courses.








Training Programs and Courses

The Training Programs include a series of health and safety codes, regulations, procedures and guidelines that allow A.N.CO.R.S. Members to develop training courses and safe environments. This includes but is not limited to: safety awareness, risk assessment, planning concerning environmental conditions, tools and equipment to be used, the associated hazards and their method of control.

Training is one of the most important elements to prevent accidents/incidents and near misses at work. For this purpose, A.N.CO.R.S. Association has developed procedures, guidelines and a series of effective training programs that enable its Members to create appropriate courses and promote occupational safety and health. In addition A.N.CO.R.S. through collaborations with its members has developed OSH international courses.

Training Programs development within the industry and others sector not only improves safety and efficiency in the Workplace, but also ensures operating results. A.N.CO.R.S. works with each Members to build a set of guidelines appropriate for the training courses development in order to safety and security implement, including risk mitigation, ensuring health and safety promotion.

A.N.CO.R.S. Association aims to ensure that all training centre, students, teachers are protected from the risks of accidents/incident and near miss. The Training Programs have been developed to increase the protection of the working training environment and to ensure that education systems used are properly maintained in accordance with relevant international legislation.

The Training Programs are written documents that includes behaviors and actions to be taken by all personnel belonging to the training centre during the course realization and in the emergency condition, to reduce the danger of the situation.


International Training Courses

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