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HSE International

The Training Program was realized on the basis of the national and international regulations and laws. Furthermore, for each topic several documents relating to various countries were taken into consideration.

The course was specifically designed to update and integrate the knowledge of RSPP/ASPP and HSE Professionals. The course was designed to provide an outstanding knowledge on health and safety, security, environment as well as a concrete support for identify, control, assess and manage potential hazards in the workplace. In order to access the course it is necessary to have the RSPP and ASPP credentials or international and foreign country HSE qualifications.

The aim of the HSE International course is to integrate fundamental information for those working in the health and safety, environment on behalf of international companies. For this reason, decrees and laws of various countries have been taken into consideration, among them those of Great Britain. The course explores issues and procedures that have not been dealt with in the ASPP/RSPP and HSE Adviser or Coordinator course, methods and behaviors that implement the knowledge and skills of these profiles who deal with problems of every kind on a daily basis. In fact, the HSE International course is valid as an update for RSPP/ASPP professionals and for foreign HSE professionals who work in their own country or internationally. The total duration of the course is 80 hours, divided into two weeks, 8 hours a day between classroom and practical activities (mandatory worksite activities).


Worksite Activities

During the course the training centre will carry out one or more days on the worksite, allowing candidates to apply the information received during the theoretical sessions. The scenarios proposed are the following: shipping and commercial diving companies / ports and oil terminal; hyperbaric centre; petrochemicals and regasification plants; renewable energy; construction yard. The scenarios reflect the topics covered during the course.

Entry criteria



  • recommended mother tongue Italian or English language ability equal to a level C or greater;
  • successful completion of an ASPPRSPP or HSE Adviser/Coordinator, Manager 

HSE International Program



  • Economic aspects of health and safety.
  • Roles and Objectives of International Organizations.
  • Migrant Workers – Health and Safety on Workplace.
  • Creating and Promote Safety Culture in the Workplace.
  • Safety and Security on Workplace.
  • Incident/Accident, Near Miss Analysis and Investigations.
  • Identifying and Management of Hazardous Substances.
  • Risk Management Approach and Plan.
  • Workplace Violence (USA, UK, Italy).
  • Travel and Transport on Workplace.
  • Health Effects of Hyperbaric Exposure.
  • Health and Safety, Environment onboard Vessels and Ports.
  • Energy Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and Oil Terminal.
  • Energy Renewable.
  • Development of strategic solutions through HSE systems and methods.



80 hours

 Recognition and validity of course

This course is valid for RSPP/ASPP update and for HSE Professionals of the foreign countries.

 Examination Test

Upon completion of the HSE International course a day exam is scheduled. During the exam an internal and external commission could be organized.


All candidates who complete this course will be awarded the: HSE International A.N.CO.R.S. Certificate